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xost - simple GUI for Simile Timeline

Several years ago a group of exceptional coders at MIT published Timeline - a Web widget for visualizing temporal data. It is now several years that I wanted to have a simple and open GUI for Timeline. As I have now a growing personal need for it, I finally decided to use my small experience developing XODA and write up something that might do the job for me.

xost came out of the effort to keep things, like always, simple. It offers a very basic interface for adding, editing, and deleting timeline entries in a protected environment.

Usage: `bunzip2 xost-*.php.bzip2`, rename the unpacked file to e.g. index.php, browse the URL ('http://YOUR_DOMAIN.TLD/path/to/xost') and login using username "admin" and password "xost". The rest should be self-explanatory.
xost is supposed initially to create the file data.xml . If this doesn't happen, just create the file manually and put the following in: "<data></data>".

Download : Changelog
0.0.3: Small bugfixes.
0.0.2: Simile Timeline libraries are now included in the package. Editing options were improved.
0.0.1: initial release.


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