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minb.0 - zer0 calories and cholesterol free CMS

minb is a simple Content Management System (CMS) which I wrote to run the XODA websites. I know, there are more CMSs out there than there are Christians in the GOP, but believe it or not, I wanted to have my own. I wanted it to be a one file project (like PolkaDot which I like so much), to work even if you just write up something in a file and upload it e.g. using (s)ftp, and (most importantly) to be fast. minb does that!

I am using it here with elRTE for feature-rich writing/editing and elFinder for easy uploading, URL and file management.

Supported are multiple users, management of comments, release date, reading and writing privileges of posts and articles, as well as "nice" URLs and RSS feed.


  1. `bunzip2 minb.0-*.php.bz2`; rename the file minb.0-*.php to e.g. index.php.
  2. Login using username "admin" and password "minb".
  3. Using your browser go to the URL, click on Settings->Password and change your password!
  4. Open the (unpacked) file and change the username to something better than "admin" if you want.
  5. Create a category in order to write a posting. Until then you would be let writing only articles.
  6. The rest should be self-explanatory.
I highly recommend using a feature-rich editor and file/URL manager. You could try elRTE and elFinder. I use them and am very happy. Visit their websites to read how to integrate them in your system. If you can not do it with minb, try another Content Management System, minb is not for you then.

0.0.1: initial release.

Download: 0.0.1.

Written by betso

1 | mundo llopis (11/17/2015, 07:37am)

I am trying to use XODA, but I cannot get past the login screen. I keep getting an error message when I type in my UN and PSWD. I followed the instructions at http://xoda.org/article/xoda-manual changed the username and password. renamed sample file to config.php but stuck on login screen. Is there a file I can look at to find out what the problem is?

2 | betso (11/17/2015, 01:07pm)

were you able to login before you changed the Username and Password?
The only problem, I can think of in this situation, is that you may have tried to change the password in config.php instead of using the Web UI to do that. The value of the variable $password in config.php should look like: a68e142815fdda868de0551fc6675e65. This is the md5 calculated checksum of the string you are using as password.
I hope that helps. If you need further assistance you should get an invitation for the XODA.forum which you can get by dropping your email address here or confirming that the one used for your comment is a valid one. Good luck! :)

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